Step up to make the vaccination programme happen

Doomsayers thrive in times of uncertainty, playing on our primal fears of what may be lurking just around the corner. They caricature the efforts of those working on the jigsaw puzzles of the future, pretending that the pieces are all there if you just look hard enough. They resort to ad hominem insults and pounce […]

Playing calamity’s concertina in Covid-19

An article from DGMT’s Annual Report, 2020 Normally, about 10 000 people die every week in South Africa. If they were all white – or rather, if they had the wealth and privilege of most white South Africans, that number would be 40% lower, as the age-standardised death rate for whites is less than half […]

How did civil society respond to the Covid crisis? We have the story.

What a year. At DGMT, we’re all feeling a little battered, and I’m sure everyone else working in civil society is feeling similarly exhausted. Covid-19 challenged us in a unique way, personally and professionally; adapting to those challenges have kept all of us busy and preoccupied. That is why I could not have been more […]