Cognitive stimulation

New evidence of the positive effects of cognitive stimulation and nutrition interventions for under-2s

Written by: Fiona Burtt, 24 June 2014 An article published last week in international medical journal, The Lancet,[1] showcases new evidence of the encouraging effects of ECD interventions for young children, demonstrating that: A responsive stimulation and/or enhanced nutrition intervention works for children up to two years old; and A responsive stimulation intervention that positively affects […]

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Posted on 26 Jun 2014


Philosophy for Children (P4C)

How motivating to go on a course that really inspires you! I recently attended a two-day Philosophy for Children (P4C) course run by Sara Stanley, an early years teacher from the UK as well as a level 1 trainer, which made me re-think how we approach the learning and teaching of young children. The aim […]

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Posted on 6 Mar 2013