The South African Child Gauge 2017: Invest in children for sustainable development

Most of South Africa’s children are surviving, but too many are failing to thrive and achieve their full potential, and this is costing the economy billions in lost human potential. Investing in children – and particularly in violence prevention, networks of care, nutrition, education and inclusive services – would drive the next wave of social […]

What a difference the Child Support Grant makes!

The South African Child Gauge 2016 by the Children’s Institute at the University of Cape Town has recently been released and – focusing the theme of Children and Social Assistance – it offers an interesting spotlight on the Child Support Grant (CSG).  Here follows some very encouraging facts shared in the publication relating to the benefits of the CSG […]

The South African Child Gauge 2015: Youth – an opportunity to interrupt the intergenerational transmission of poverty

The 10th issue of the South African Child Gauge, focusing on the theme of youth and the intergenerational transmission of poverty, was released last week on the 10th of November [2015] by the University of Cape Town’s Children’s Institute.  It examines the situation of young people aged 15 – 24 and highlights the need for a range of interventions that continue to […]