Child and youth care centres

Facilitating the registration of Child and Youth Care Centres in South Africa

The new Children’s Act 38 of 2005 requires that all existing Child and Youth Care Centres in South Africa re-register with the Department of Social Development by April 2015.  For many of these Centres, the registration process is proving to be difficult and costly to navigate, thereby potentially preventing them from continuing to offer a vital service […]

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Posted on 11 Sep 2014


Tackling the registration issues experienced by unregistered child care facilities

The South African Children’s Act regulates the registration of what it terms child and youth care centres. Children in unregistered facilities often lack social work services, and thus miss out on opportunities to be reunified with their families, or to be fostered or adopted. Despite the undeniable benefits of registration, there are concerns that the […]

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Posted on 31 Jan 2013