Free online course to develop resilience in children

One of our implementing partners focusing on early childhood development, Cape Town Embrace, recommended the following free online course to help people to develop resilience in children.  It is such an important issue that we thought it worth sharing with a broader audience.   Please see the course description following: “Children around the world experience severe adversity […]

Holding and containing: reflections on the emotional demands of working in communities

Flying Children is a South African non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the quality of care available to pre-school children in South Africa’s disadvantaged areas. Working with ‘clusters’ of around 18 schools, their programme offers makeovers that achieve a basic quality of facilities. They conduct intense teaching, mentoring and supervision with the teachers, and then build services […]

Chronicles of Cape Town Embrace #5: Back to the drawing board

After the second round of consultation, this time with potential participants in the programme, DGMT CEO, David Harrison and Mark Gamble from Educo Africa decided they were ready to pull together a group of people to thrash out the nuts and bolts of how the initiative could work: “We had chewed on the idea for […]

Chronicles of Cape Town Embrace #4: Take 2

In our last article we described the initial reaction of our Board to the concept and formal consultation results regarding the proposed Cape Town Great Potential Project (known today as Cape Town Embrace). Although most of the Trustees liked the concept, concerns around viability made them request the development of a more detailed implementation plan. […]

Chronicles of Cape Town EMBRACE #3: Getting the Board on board

In our previous article describing how the idea for Cape Town Embrace was conceptualised, we mentioned in passing that regardless of the ‘great potential’ of the programme concept, it was going to be a tough sell to our Board.  The reason for this is that foundations and other bilateral donors tend to operate in very […]

Chronicles of Cape Town EMBRACE #2: Conception

It all started with a presentation to our board by the editor of the Cape Times, Alide Dasnois in November 2012.  Her presentation was thought provoking – it presented Cape Town through the lens of inequality. With a Gini coefficient[1] of 0.67, Cape Town mirrors the income inequality of the rest of South Africa.  Of […]

Cape Town EMBRACE Launch: Every Child has Great Potential

A new city-wide initiative to protect and develop the potential of all 75 000 babies who will be born in Cape Town next year and each following year will be launched on Tuesday 3 December 2013. The aim of Cape Town EMBRACE is to connect each child in the city who might otherwise be excluded, […]