Playing calamity’s concertina in Covid-19

An article from DGMT’s Annual Report, 2020 Normally, about 10 000 people die every week in South Africa. If they were all white – or rather, if they had the wealth and privilege of most white South Africans, that number would be 40% lower, as the age-standardised death rate for whites is less than half […]

The physics of change

An article from DGMT’s Annual Report, 2018 You may have seen the 2017 movie, Loving Vincent. Each of the 65 000 frames in the 100-minute long film is an individual oil painting on canvas. It mimics Van Gogh’s stippled style of art, exemplified by his famous painting, The Starry Night. He uses thousands of tiny […]

The butterfly effect

An article from DGMT’s Annual Report, 2017 Annual reports tend to be self-congratulatory affairs. So let us cut ourselves down to size before we even begin. Last year, DGMT distributed the equivalent of just 0.02% of South Africa’s public expenditure for 2017. That’s tiny in comparison. If we were a species in the animal kingdom […]

DGMT: Dynamic evolution, but we could still be smarter

By David Orton, Chairperson of DGMT’s Board This year marks ten years since DGMT shifted from being a purely grant-making foundation to one aimed at making a systemic difference within certain chosen focus areas. What began as an evolutionary change rapidly changed pace with the arrival of new genes in the form of our new […]

What will bring about the next real change in our country?

Extracts from our Annual Report 2014 What will bring about the next real change in our country? This is a question that South Africans are asking more and more. It would be a mistake to view it as an essentially political question, intended to show up the present government or promote a party-political alternative. Yes, […]