Call for responsible drinking masks the big lie

It is time to challenge the liquor industry’s claim that ‘responsible drinking’ is the answer to South Africa’s alcohol problem. That assumes that the problem lies only with individuals who won’t control their drink, rather than an industry whose profits depend on excessive consumption. It is a stark reality that over 80% of all alcohol […]

Five urgent and effective measures to curb the abuse of alcohol

In his speech to the nation on Wednesday 17 June 2020, President Ramaphosa stated that, “we will also need to look at further, more drastic measures to curb the abuse of alcohol”.  We now call on the government to draw on the best international evidence, follow the advice of the World Health Organisation and implement […]

Time to consider the introduction of a minimum unit price on alcohol

In May 2018 Scotland introduced a minimum unit price of 50 pence per unit (8 grams) of alcohol, with the aim of reducing abusive drinking.[1] Research had shown that a large proportion of very cheap alcohol consumed in Scotland took the form of heavy-drinking, resulting in drunkenness and other socially unacceptable behaviour.[2] South Africa’s situation […]

Time to revisit alcohol taxation in South Africa

It’s no cause for pride that South Africa nearly tops the charts as a nation of drinkers. This ranking is according to the 2018 Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health published by the World Health Organization (WHO).[1] While only a third (31%) of adults report consuming alcohol in the past year, those who do […]