ACTIVATE! Civic Education Toolkit

Introduction from the ACTIVATE! Civic Education Toolkit The dawn of democracy in South Africa has ushered in several positive outcomes for the country’s development. Despite this, young people in South Africa continue to face many problems, including high unemployment, poor educational outcomes and poverty, among other issues. There has been growing dissatisfaction with government services […]

Hands-on Learning Issue 14

Through our Hands-on Learning publication, we hope to play a helpful role in synthesising information from innovators and implementers in civil society, supporting them to share what they have learned so that others are able to draw from and build on their experiences. In this issue: Dynamic networks are amplifier strategies that enable social innovators […]

Networks as amplifiers of social impact

Dynamic networks are amplifier strategies that enable social innovators to achieve two vital objectives: scale and impact. DGMT supports a number of initiatives that use strategies to mobilise large, ever-growing networks of people. A social network is a connected group of people who interact in different ways to inform, influence and mutually benefit each other. […]

Aluta continua! Towards a generation of new young leaders that we believe in!

By Senzo Hlophe.  To read this article in isiZulu click here.   It is unfair to do a blanket comparison of young people of the 1976 generation with those of 2016.  The 1976 generation are generally seen as superhumanly inspirational, having achieved the impossible. Unfortunately, this type of comparison usually leaves us feeling disempowered, underperforming […]

ACTIVATE! – Evaluating Youth Leadership for Policy Impact

Often one of the most difficult aspects of launching a new project is figuring out how to measure its impact effectively. The Activate! Leadership for Public Innovation programme has an opportunity to do ground-breaking work in measuring the impact of its leadership development intervention and the policy implications that it might hold.  It is a […]

Young white South Africans…where are you?

In 2013 Janet Jobson, who is driving our leadership development portfolio, wrote an article under the heading “Young white South Africans…where are you?” which was published on Mail and Guardian’s Thought Leader website in March (read it here).  In the article Janet reflects on the challenges that Activate!, “a programme that supports a diverse network of […]

Update on Activate!

In January 2012 an ambitious new programme – Activate! Leadership for Public Innovation – was launched with the aim of building a network of young leaders from across the poles of South Africa that could collectively tackle South Africa’s biggest challenges. Last year 182 Activators completed the intensive residential component of the programme and are […]

Experiencing Activate!

I dream that Mount Frere will produce the top performing matriculants in the country and all its schools will achieve a 100% matric pass rate. Those of you who know Mount Frere know just how big my dream is, but for those of you who don’t here are the facts: lowest matric pass rate (47.2%) […]

Activate! Project and Ideas Catalogue

2012 is the first year of the Activate!, public innovation and leadership incubator. Working with young South Africans it aims to build a critical mass of think-out-of-the-box trendsetters who have the skills, sense of self, and spark to reshape South African society and meet its toughest challenges.   This year the Activators embarked on a […]

Activate! South Africa’s new leaders and public innovators

In January 2012, a new national network of young public innovators was established under the name ‘Activate! Leadership and Public Innovation’.  This year 220 young adult leaders drawn from communities across South Africa have joined a three year programme to build their skills in public innovation.  At this point, the 2012 Activators have completed Module […]