Stunting is once again a topic of discussion in South Africa.

Stunting is once again a topic of discussion in South Africa.  Approximately 27% of children under five are stunted in South Africa.  The Western Cape Government, in conjunction with DGMT and other partners, recently released the Western Cape Stunting Baseline Survey.  The key conclusion of the Western Cape Stunting Baseline Survey (WCSBS) is that a double burden of malnutrition, stunting and overweight/obesity, remains a concern in the province. 

It is generally acknowledged that stunting is the best indicator of a child’s well-being and that a child’s linear growth potential is largely determined by the time they turn two years old.  Stunting is associated with many disorders including reduced neurodevelopment, lifelong cognitive deficits, educational and employment challenges, increased risk of obesity and non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in adulthood, and cycles of intergenerational poverty.  There are simple ways we can start to tackle SA’s stunting crisis to help our children reach their full potential – and, in so doing, improve our prospects as a nation.

Anna-Marie Müller, Innovation Manager at the DG Murray Trust, talked to SAFM about how simple interventions, like a discounted basket of food, can help turn around stunting.  This however requires buy-in from government, retailers and manufacturers. Listen to the interview below.

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