Opportunity for lift-off

Our Strategic Blueprint


DGMT’S AIMS FOR 2017-2021

Build the run way for lift-off

Nurture an innovative and inclusive society


Open the flight gates to all

Keep all children on track by Grade 4

Enable all young people to get their first decent job

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Our goal is for South Africa to be a flying nation with a flourishing people, economy and society.

A flying nation makes great use of its resources and infrastructure, but at its heart, are people who know how to fly high. They have both the technical know-how and the mindset to do this. They also know how to relate to one another, because disaster strikes when we fly blind to the needs and aspirations of others. A deeply unequal nation has little prospect of long-term success.

That is why the core of DGMT’s work is human development. We come from a past where the potential of the majority has been ignored. The effects of that past continue to exclude people and choke innovation. We also have not made the most of the opportunities that democracy has brought with it. Our nation won’t get off the ground if most people are left behind. We must now harness our entire talent pool for a more innovative and inclusive society.

People strategies
for a flying nation

People Strategies


There’s untapped opportunity

  • The birth of democracy gave South Africa a huge boost. Our people, economy and society are better off than in 1994. But in the past few years, progress has slowed.
  • We have the money and the infrastructure for our country to reach great heights, but too often we seem stuck on the tarmac! We have not used our resources effectively to create a well-maintained and substantial ‘runway for lift-off’.
  • Not only that, but we have failed to build the human capital that is the engine for economic growth and development.
    In particular, we have failed our children and young people, who are the very source of human capital.
  • There are many opportunities – many we’ve ignored up until now – that keep jumping out at us. We need to seize the obvious untapped opportunities that would open up possibility to everyone. It is now time for the next ‘big push’ to lift-off.


The runway to South Africa’s success is an innovative and inclusive society – able to see and seize opportunities and ensure that no one misses out on the benefits of a growing economy. Innovation and inclusion often work in different directions – enriching a few while the majority miss out. We see three opportunities to bring them together in South Africa: by building civil society (already focused on social justice) as social innovator; by creating ‘unlikely networks’ across business, civil society and government – as well as across race and class; and by tackling those factors that choke innovation by excluding people because they cannot afford to participate, are physically disabled or excluded for other reasons.

Opening the flight gates to all

The source of human capital is young children. There is potential for success in every child – even those from the poorest home circumstances. Statistically speaking, however, we can predict which children will flourish. It’s those that have successfully passed through two gateways as they grow up, namely being on track by Grade 4 and getting their first decent job. If children are still ‘on track’ by Grade 4 – able to read and do basic Maths at the expected level – they will generally stay on track to Grade 9 and then successfully complete schooling. Then, if they get work experience within the first few years post-schooling, they’re likely to remain employed. If they don’t, they are far more likely to be jobless for life – or at least never get decent work.

The ‘flight gates’ are currently closed to half of our children and young people. They must be opened to all.


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