What has your organisation been doing to mitigate the impact of COVID-19?

If your organisation provided (or is still providing) support to the public to mitigate the impact of COVID-19, please tell us what you have been doing so that your work can form part of the COVID-19 Country Report.

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Organisations like Little Libraries jumped in during the lockdown to set up soup kitchens to feed communities and in particular children. For many children, a meal at school was their only meal of the day. Little Libraries’ soup kitchens ran from Apr 2020 to Aug 2020. During this time they were running 11 distribution points and were serving 500 meals a day. In total, they served just over 30 000 meals.
The Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME) and the Government Technical Advisory Centre (GTAC) is coordinating the development of a South African COVID-19 Country Report to assess the effectiveness of interventions adopted by South Africa to combat the pandemic and its socio-economic effects.

We know that the contribution of many thousands of South Africans acting in solidarity as a vibrant civil society made a massive difference in the lives of their fellow South Africans during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, the important role that civil society plays to support citizens has not always been acknowledged. We believe it has become more important than ever for Government and the private sector to collaborate with, and value the unique contribution of civil society.

Through this Country Report, we can tell the story of civil society’s contribution during the COVID-19 pandemic and we therefore ask that, if you are a civil society partner, you please take 15 minutes (or less depending on the number of sections applicable) to complete a survey about your work to support South Africans during the pandemic.

We would love for the number of survey participants to snowball, so please share the link for the survey with all other civil society organisations that you know contributed, and encourage them to fill it out.

We have tried to keep the open-ended questions to a minimum so that you can complete the survey quickly, we do however ask for contact information in case we would like to interview you to document the details of your experience as a case study.

The survey will be open until 16 June 2021.

Who should participate in this survey?

CBOs = Community Based Organisations
NPOs = Non-Profit Organisations
PBOs = Public Benefit Organisations
FBOs = Faith-Based Organisations


The coordination for the development of the chapter on civil society is being managed by DGMT.

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