Reflections on Education: DGMT trustee and staff “study tour” 2015

This week, DGMT’s trustees and staff team will spend four days on site visits.

This annual event on our calendar functions as a sort of “study tour” – a chance to dig into the issues around one of DGMT’s focus areas. We visit partners to see their work in action, and meet with a number of change drivers – policy makers, practitioners and researchers – to pick their brains about what we know and don’t know, challenges we face, and emerging opportunities.

Last year, we dug into youth unemployment, entrepreneurship and access to opportunity through an action-packed trip to Gauteng. In 2015 we’ll be focusing on education, based in the Western Cape.

We’re excited about the week ahead, which will include breakfast with the head of the Western Cape Education Department and dinner with the Premier; visits to well-functioning schools, reading initiatives and bridging programmes; and strategic discussions and panels to grapple with critical questions, including:

  • What should real (and realistic) education for children in SA look like in the 21st century?
  • What radical changes to education in SA offer the most promise?
  • What strategic alliances can help us achieve our goals, and how can we nurture more collaboration between stakeholders?
  • How can we scale up what works to reach more children?

As DGMT draws to the close of its 5-year strategy, the site visits offer a chance to reflect on where we should place our efforts going forward.

Stay tuned for on-the-road updates from members of our team this week!

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