Legacy Programme

DGMT recognises the critical contribution of civil society and aims to support the sustainability of civil society organisations. The leadership of an organisation is intricately tied to its effectiveness and sustainability. This programme aims to enable organisations to manage leadership transitions effectively and mitigate the risks associated with change.

ACTIVATE! Change Drivers

ACTIVATE! is a network of young people, connected to each other and committed to innovating for the public good. Unlike many other youth leadership programmes, participants become Activators-for-life, with access to platforms and programmes designed to support their growth, collaboration and expand the influence of the network.

Amplify Mobilise Change

Amplify Mobilise Change is a project initiated by DGMT to help South African civil society shift its thinking and develop more creative, impactful and efficient online communication and technology practices.

Innovation Fellowship

Creating space for young leaders and innovation. For South Africa to fulfil its potential, we need a vital and innovative civil society that is able to drive change. The DGMT Innovation Fellowship develops young leaders across South Africa who are working in the civil society sector.