Parent Power

Parent Power aims to elevate parents as powerful actors in their children’s education journey by supporting schools, departments of education and non-profit organisations (NPOs) to engage with parents in a meaningful way. This brings a level of partnership and co-ownership to the provision of quality education for South African children.

Parent power is guided by three learning questions:
What would it look like if South African parents understood what quality education is, and their role in ensuring their children have access to this?
How do we build partnerships between schools and parents in South Africa to ensure parents are able to champion their children’s education?
What change occurs for learners, parents and schools when parents become active actors in their children’s education journey?

Teachers CAN

This is a teacher-led network working towards realising the potential of all children in South Africa through a fellowship programme.

Public School Partnerships

Public School Partnerships (PSP) is a collaborative approach to public school innovation that brings together government, funders, no-fee schools and non-profit education support organisations. PSP aims to bring additional expertise, resources, flexibility and greater accountability in school management into no-fee schools serving poorer communities in a bid to achieve greater equity in the provision of quality education in South Africa.
All participants of the PSP programme are driven by a belief that every child has the right to high-quality education, regardless of their socio-economic status and that every parent and educator should be empowered to provide it.