Printed copies of ‘Hands-on Learning’and the Zero Dropout Campaign’s ‘Gender Matters Report’

DGMT recently released issue 21 of our Hands-on Learning publication. Similarly, the Zero-Dropout Campaign released an excellent and useful report called ‘Gender Matters’ which we believe should be in the hands of every school teacher in South Africa. Because you are signed up to be part of our Learning Community, we would like to give you the option to receive a physical copy of either or both of these publications via the post (for free).

If you would like to receive a physical copy via post, please click here and complete the request form. You can read more about these publications below:

In issue 21 of the Zero-Dropout Campaign unpacks the relationship between pregnancy and dropout and suggests practical interventions for schools; we explore the lessons learnt from the working relationship between government and civil society during the COVID-19 pandemic; we look at how the LEGACY programme enable founder-leaders to successfully move on to new projects, leaving strong organisations behind; and lastly, we look at some of the valuable lessons learned from the development and delivery of the Basic Package of Support (BPS) for young South Africans.



What makes a learner more likely to drop out of school in South Africa? Is it household income? Learning environment? Geography? Disability? And how does a learner’s gender shape their journey through school? New research by the Zero Dropout Campaign explores how gender intersects with social inequalities to shape disengagement and dropout. These findings can help the basic education sector to rethink its approach to dropout prevention in order to build more responsive programmes, systems and policies.