Perspectives: The Search for Tomorrow’s Leaders

In the second edition of Perspectives[1], DGMT grantee, TSiBA Education set out to understand the state of leadership development in South Africa by identifying twenty-five thought leaders in twenty-four diverse organisations.   As a country that has given rise to world famous leaders of great integrity, TSiBa was convinced that untapped wisdom was close at hand and they were curious to learn about what other practitioners, who sought to advance public and not only private good, knew. They wanted to know where the next Mandelas, Tutus and Rampheles might come from. They were curious to find out what we know, collectively, about helping to nurture them.  Their findings have been documented in a book containing story-like articles on the 25 perspectives, allowing a more personable way of engaging with the rich of information that they have uncovered.  For the next year the DGMT blog will feature two of these articles per month, starting with the perspecitives of Professor Jonathan Jansen, the Rector and Vice Chancellor, University of the Free State and Ferial Haffajee, the Editor of the City Press.

We also have a small number of the Perspectives books that we would like to distribute to individuals and organisations that will find them of value.  Please address a request to if you are interested.

[1] The first focused on the search for equality in education.

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