Covid-19 response

In 2020, we undertook a series of emergency response approaches to Covid-19. Specifically, we aimed to provide support to those who were excluded from mainstream efforts to protect against the spread of the virus and to mitigate its impacts. In 2021, we led a programme of coordinated donor support for the national Covid-19 vaccination rollout.

What we’ve learnt

We have documented our experience responding to Covid-19 in 2020 in a book authored by our CEO, David Harrison, and published by Porcupine Press. You can read it for free here:

Review & Documentation: Coordinated donor support to the COVID-19 vaccination programme

The CDS initiative was conceived in January 2021 when several philanthropic organisations realised that a fast and effective COVID-19 vaccination programme was crucial and that the National Department of Health (NDoH) would require comprehensive and coordinated financial, strategic and technical support in order to implement such a response.

This report presents the results of a detailed review of the CDS (CDS) to the South African government’s COVID-19 vaccination programme. The review was conducted in early 2023 by a team led by Dr Andrew Hartnack, gathering primary and secondary evidence from programme records and documents, 59 in-depth key informant interviews, and an electronic survey with technical support personnel.

Our emergency response to Covid-19: