Keep all children on track by Grade 4

Keep all children on
track by Grade 4


The source of human capital is young children. There is potential for success in every child – even those from the poorest home circumstances.

If children are still ‘on track’ by Grade 4 – if they are able to read and do basic Maths at the expected level – they will generally stay on track to Grade 9 and then successfully complete their schooling.

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Keep all children on track by Grade 4

We have identified 4 opportunities to
keep children on track by Grade 4:

We also support a number of pivotal projects or key partnerships that we believe are, or will in the future, play an important role in keeping children on track by Grade 4.

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Opportunity 4

Give every child the benefit of early childhood development

Opportunity 5

Stop nutritional stunting among children under two years

Opportunity 6

Make sure every child is ready to read by the time they go to school

Opportunity 6

Build simple, loving connections for every child

Human Factor 2

What will bring  about the next real change in South Africa?


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