NGO volunteering as a first rung strategy for tackling youth unemployment

EmpowerAs South Africa continues to experience chronically high unemployment rates, it is clear that a multi-pronged effort, involving both the public and private sectors, is required to support young people as they transition into the world of work. Here, the key elements of NGO youth volunteer programmes are explored and some consideration is given to how this practice might be embraced as a viable first rung strategy for tackling youth unemployment in South Africa. Read more here.


  • I am running community gym in my area, aimed to keep my society actively, elliminate sedentary behavior and promote self efficacy to youth so that they my not see crime as a solution of unemployment problem.

  • lebo says:

    I Lebohang Sibanyoni am on my way to open an NGO Children’s’Home to give love and home to children who need care.

  • We are a very dynamic Ecd’s Coordinating body/Forum that created platform for Ecd managers/owners,educators,parents and the community to come together with a view. to share their knowldge,experiences and expertise that ensures growth and development of Early Childhood Development in the country.Having said that,we a registered body with Social Development as NPO and SARS as PBO.Our services are the following;
    *Influencing government policies and decisions for the well-being of this sector.
    *Develop policies and the programmes fpr the centres to meet the reqiired compliance and accreditation needed by various government bodies.
    *Business Planning and Remodelling
    *Mentoring and coaching for quality service provision.
    *Skills Development aimed at creating job opporturnities for youth,women and the disabled.
    *Revival of Art and Cultural activities to identify an early talent.
    *Advocate and to protect the rights of women and children and prevent any form of abuse directed against them.
    Even though we have limited resources,we’d never considered anything serously that is a threat to bottle-necked our services.Our impact is felt and admired by various government departments,institutions and the community.
    We need to applaud DGMT for encourage the community to put an effort for social change.
    With that being said,we want you guys to help us with ideas that fall within these 10 opportunities.Tshediso Ntholi (Children’s Rights Vision((SA)

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