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Firestarter: How innovation can light up South Africa

13 April 2018

South Africa has a vibrant civil society history. However, post-1994 and the country’s first democratic elections, many civil society organisations lost their spark. DGMT believes that if we reignite civil society, we can drive public innovation and light up South Africa. In a deep-dive discussion, David Harrison, DGMT CEO, examines the challenges and rewards of […]

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The butterfly effect

6 April 2018

An article from DGMT’s Annual Report, 2017 Annual reports tend to be self-congratulatory affairs. So let us cut ourselves down to size before we even begin. Last year, DGMT distributed the equivalent of just 0.02% of South Africa’s public expenditure for 2017. That’s tiny in comparison. If we were a species in the animal kingdom […]

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The ordinary magic guaranteed to change our country

2 March 2018

Building simple, loving connections for every child is Opportunity 7 in DGMT’s strategic blueprint. During a recent deep-dive conversation with our CEO, David Harrison, he explained how fostering such connections are essential to bringing about long-term change in South Africa. Let’s start by looking at the key concepts that form the premise of this opportunity: […]

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Homeopathic doses of early learning just won’t work

26 February 2018

Once the dust settles, it will dawn on us that much of the extra R57 billion allocated to higher education will be wasted as half the beneficiaries drop out. Why? Because their educational foundations are too shaky to cope with the demands of university or college. Over the next three years, more than a trillion […]

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What is undermining our investments in South Africa’s children?

15 February 2018

Returning to work following the December break, my colleagues at the Zero-Stunting Initiative and I, began to share stories of how our families view the work we are doing to tackle widespread and chronic undernutrition in SA.  Stunted children are short-for-age because they don’t get enough of the right foods, and this affects their ability […]

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Good reads to inspire thinking about change

5 May 2018

We spend a lot of time thinking about change – change that would allow every person in South Africa to have the opportunity to fufill their life potential.  We think about what is at the heart of situations -what drives a detremental situation to exist and to persist?  We ponder how to activate change – […]

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How to communicate your work and achievements to funders

29 January 2018

Writing proposals and reports to funders can be one of the most stressful parts of working in the social change sector. To make it less nerve wracking, it can be helpful to remember that funders are just people. Many of them have also worked for non-profit organisations, social movements or government departments, and understand the […]

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The South African Child Gauge 2017: Invest in children for sustainable development

28 November 2017

Most of South Africa’s children are surviving, but too many are failing to thrive and achieve their full potential, and this is costing the economy billions in lost human potential. Investing in children – and particularly in violence prevention, networks of care, nutrition, education and inclusive services – would drive the next wave of social […]

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Where did the other half go? What is driving school dropout in South Africa?

24 August 2017

Most 17 year olds are attending school and will soon write their matric exam, even if not all of them pass. Right?  No! By the time a class of 30 children reaches grade 12, 50% of their peers have already left school without even making it to the grade where their can write matric. This […]

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Create Change: Step Up for Young People

3 February 2017

South Africa has a resource with the potential to transform our economic and social reality. Unfortunately, we are missing this opportunity: It should go without saying that investment in children and young people is the source of future human capital. They should be at the forefront of strategies for economic growth and development in SA. […]

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Leaving no child behind: The road to Zero School Dropout

15 May 2018

The matric results represent a proud moment for many schools – an indication of education quality and success, but it is not the full story.  The reality is that about half of any cohort of learners have left school without even making it to Grade 12 to write matric.[1]  This is what happened with the 2016 matric […]

Posted in: Opportunity 10: Implementation Experience, Strategy 2017


Early Learning: The Great Equalizer for South Africa

18 April 2018

Education has always been thought of as one of our greatest tools for liberation. We used it to overcome colonialism and Apartheid. But after 24 years of democracy, can education liberate us from the persistent legacy of racial inequality that continues to plague the country? Research suggests that an effective way of using education to […]

Posted in: Opportunity 4: Implementation Experience, Strategy 2017


Partnerships point the way to better public education

1 April 2018

Despite their dubious role in the financial crisis of 2008, some US banks were deemed by policy-makers to be ‘too big to fail’ because their failure would have led to a global economic meltdown. Rightly or wrongly, that conclusion triggered an unprecedented international effort to rehabilitate them and restore global financial prosperity. As South Africa […]

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A million happy faces: Nal’ibali talks about the success of World Read Aloud Day 2018

16 March 2018

We were so excited by the fact that Nal’ibali mobilised South Africans to read to 1 294 345 children on World Read Aloud Day this year, that we asked them to tell us how they did it:    You have seen an 80% increase in the number of children who were read to on World Read […]

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Celebrating amazing teachers: Michael Peter Curry on saving lives

5 October 2017

Today we are celebrating the many teachers who go beyond their job description to help their learners reach their fullest potential. We are humbled and inspired by those who are approachable to their learners; who keep working long into their evenings; who make do with limited resources; and who are always open to learning about […]

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