Learning through Doing: Measuring leadership development

enke: Make Your Mark’s Youth Leadership Initiative

enke: Make your Mark is a youth leadership and social innovation initiative that aims to reduce inequality by connecting young South Africans across social divides, equipping them to lead, and inspiring them to take action. Our theory of change is that if we can connect, equip and inspire these young people, while still in high school, they will have the opportunity early on to engage with the world around them and to experience what it takes to create impact. Through this, we hope to set them up to tackle both issues in their own lives and become agents of change within their communities, throughout their lives. We want to see a generation of young people who, regardless of where they are born, have the skills and the self- belief to fulfil their dreams for their future and for the future of their country. enke aims to empower participants to harness their potential and challenges them to inspire and empower others in their own community to do the same. Our hope is that an enke participant leaves the programme inspired with a new-found confidence and skills to take hold of opportunities which they previously saw as inaccessible to someone like them. Read more…

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