Learning Brief: How to restore — and maintain — the home as a site of learning

South Africa’s national COVID-19 lockdown forced us to reassess our homes as primary sites of learning. Many adults, however, felt ill-equipped to suddenly become their children’s educators. Rather than step back during the pandemic, many innovative non-profit organisations (NPOs) quickly stepped in to guide their beneficiaries through unchartered territory. In this learning brief, we look at how Thanda, Shine Literacy, Nal’ibali and the FunDza Literacy Trust adjusted their programmes to support learning at home during lockdown – and how they hope to build on this experience to sustain connections forged.

Download the learning brief here or page through it in ISSUU below – choose full-screen mode [   ] for a better reading experience.  You can download the full Hands-on Learning publication (Issue 18) here.

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