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Hands-on Learning Publication
Hands-on is a quarterly publication which includes high quality information that could be of strategic importance to civil society organisations. This might include:

  • experience learning from other public benefit organisations;
  • report back on pertinent research;
  • complex information that is synthesized to be easily usable.

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DGMT NGO Commons
The DGMT NGO Commons
Beyond developing effective social interventions, civil society organisations are required to comply with certain legal structures and to put strong governance systems in place that enable them to access funding and to grow strong and responsible organisations. The DGMT Commons website aims to bring together existing resources, helpful in supporting the establishment of these structures and systems, into one place.

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DGMT Growing Confidence
The DGMT Growing Confidence website is a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) resource for public benefit organisations.M&E is a methodical process of collating and assessing information to determine the effectiveness of a social programme or intervention. On this website we focus specifically on planning for M&E. Since effective M&E is highly depended on well-developed/defined programmes, this website is also a great resource to guide the strategic development of your programme or intervention.

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Points of Interest
Points of Interest shares with you short format and pertinent notifications. This would for example include notification of:

  • events;
  • opportunities;
  • publication of new/important reports;
  • helpful resources; or
  • interesting ideas that we thought worth sharing.

Points of Interest