Introducing: The DGMT Learning Lunch

Has your NPO ever tried to host a brown bag lunch series, but struggled to sustain it? For those not familiar, a brown-bag-lunch is an informal meeting or learning opportunity in the workplace during the lunch hour. It is hosted once a month or every two weeks, and it is called a “brown-bag-lunch” because staff bring their lunches along and have them during the session.

DGMT’s Learning Lunch podcast is a practical and free resource to host your brown bag lunch series. It facilitates the discovery of new ideas, approaches, and social innovations during your lunch hour. Each podcast includes a 30-minute main meal conversation and a 30-minute takeaway group reflection with your team. At the moment we have three podcasts on the menu (and will add three new topics every three months), exploring topics like “How to harness the thunder and find hope as civil society”,  “Changing the future drawing on Theory U”, and “How to work with young people who have experienced trauma”. On the Learning Lunch site we offer a space where NPOs can nominate topics and speakers and we also offer a guide for hosting the sessions virtually or in person. So, tell your teams to bring their lunch and to come with a thirst for knowledge as you listen to what others are learning and reflect on what that means for your own strategy and programme implementation. 

Below is a short taster, and you can access the Learning Lunch site here.

[vimeo 672659869 w=640 h=360]


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