Finding the ‘ordinary magic’ that made me resilient

Photographer Wandie Mesatywa is incredibly resilient as you will read in this essay, in which she shares her story from being a youngster in rural Eastern Cape to becoming a teaching and exhibiting artist. What makes a person resilient?  Are we born that way?  Do you have it or you don’t?  Wandie takes us on a journey – her journey – to find out; and what she finds should give all of us – and especially parents – much hope.

Read the essay below – choose full-screen mode [   ] for a better reading experience. 

Wandie’s article is part of the 2nd issue DGMT’s Human Factor publication in which we explore what gives parents in South Africa power to champion their children’s education and what takes their power away.  You can read, download or request a printed copy of the Human Factor (issue 2) here.

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