Employment opportunity: Innovation Manager

The DG Murray Trust sees itself as a hub of public innovation.  It views its staff team as innovators.

Our goal for South Africa is a flourishing people, economy and society in which every person has the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

Towards this goal, our strategic aims for 2017 – 2021 are:

  • To nurture an innovative and inclusive society;
  • To keep all children on track by Grade 4; and
  • To enable all young people to get their first decent job.

We’re looking for an Innovation Manager to join our team working towards these goals. With the DGMT innovation team, this person will:

  • commission projects that can seize the opportunities for success;
  • communicate those opportunities in ways that inspire leadership and action; and
  • connect people of like and unlike mind, who are committed to the same goal.

The ideal candidate will be a university graduate, with a strong ability to make things happen and to take thoughtful and strategic action towards our goals. They are passionate about civil society and social justice, they are entrepreneurial and independent, and can see the big picture from a birds-eye view down to the details. They are a team player, hard-working, and open to learning.

To apply, please only send a short letter of motivation and a CV with 3 referees (no other documents please!) to work@dgmt.co.za by Tuesday 9 October at 5 pm with the subject line “Innovation Manager/FB”.

Additional FAQs about the role:

What does the job really entail?

A central responsibility of the role is to build a portfolio of strategic projects – both identified through our online grant application system or proactively – that contributes significant learning and implementation experience towards the achievements of our goals.

This means you will:

  • assess grant proposals in keeping with DGMT’s strategic interest and identify opportunities for new innovations in the field;
  • work with promising organisations and ideas to strengthen their strategic and implementation plans;
  • motivate for funding strategic proposals; and
  • manage a learning process with organisations during the grant period.

In order to maximise the impact of our strategic investments, DGMT also seeks to amplify the work of our partners.

Part of your role will thus be to:

  • Develop communications products that draw on the implementation experience of partners and research/evidence, to position key learning or strategic insights in the field;
  • Develop platforms for connecting key people, institutions, and partners to further the objectives of our work;
  • Contribute to the overall positioning and strategic development of DGMT’s work.

You will likely spend up 40% of your time travelling across the country – to both big metros and to rural communities.

What qualifications and experience are we looking for in an ideal candidate?

DGMT is largely agnostic to qualifications or sector backgrounds (though we do require a Bachelor’s degree at a minimum). Rather we are seeking the following qualities in our ideal candidate:

  • A keen strategic eye, that can easily identify and capitalise on opportunities and ideas;
  • A fast-learner, who is able to get up to speed with new fields of work quickly and effectively;
  • The ability to manage multiple, diverse, projects simultaneously and to task-shift between administrative and strategic work;
  • The ability to get things done efficiently and effectively;
  • A strong ability to communicate through writing and verbally, to present and connect ideas, people, and opportunities; and
  • A commitment to producing excellent work.

What is the work culture of DGMT?

DGMT has a flexible and collaborative culture. We are driven by a combination of technical expertise, a positive mindset, and a strong sense of empathy. We seek out opportunities and are often willing to take calculated risks where we see strategic gains.

We have high expectations, and allow you to work in a way that ensures you meet them. We don’t micro-manage, but do expect high-quality and will send back work that doesn’t meet the benchmark. We often operate in sectors where there is a lot of uncertainty – so you must be able to navigate tough, constantly changing, terrain. We expect you to develop and drive your area of passion and purpose towards our goals, and want to support you to thrive while doing that.