Employment Opportunity – Campaign Manager

Application Deadline: 21 May 2021

DGMT is a node of public innovation for South Africa, driving towards a flourishing South African people, economy and society. Our approach focuses on identifying key opportunities to shift the trajectory of human development; and tackling the underlying social and structural dynamics that shape the outcomes of our programmes.

We operate by supporting and drawing on the grounded innovations of civil society;  identifying and incubating breakthrough strategies; engaging in policy processes; and developing strategic coalitions and public advocacy.

We are recruiting for a Campaign Manager to work as part of our Communications Team. The Campaign Manager will be responsible for the development of communication strategy and content for public communication around specific policy issues. This will include:

  • Development of communication strategies for advocacy work;
  • Writing and editing articles, website content and press releases;
  • Producing a diverse range of communication products including audio/visual communications;
  • Taking the lead in organising media outreach like press briefings, and interviews; providing talking points etc.
  • Developing and driving social media strategy.

To be a good fit for this role you probably have at least:

  • Qualifications in humanities/social sciences and communications – one of which must be a graduate degree;
  • 4 years of work experience;
  • An ability to be self-motivated, and to work independently;
  • Excellent writing skills and communication skills
  • Good sense of design and how it contributes to effective communication products
  • A sense of innate curiosity, empathy, the ability to connect the dots, and enjoyment in engaging with people and in a wide range of work.

We’re committed to change – and that requires a diversity of opinions, backgrounds, race and ethnicity.  DGMT does pretty well in terms of diversity of opinions and backgrounds, but it needs greater diversity in its communication team. To this end, we want to appoint a black South African to this position.

If you are interested, please apply by submitting a 1-page cover letter, and a CV (please include 3 references), to work@dgmt.co.za by 21 May 2021. Please use the subject line: “Campaign Manager Application”. Please do not submit any other documentation.