Employment opportunities: Grow Great

Grow Great, a campaign aimed at galvanizing South Africa towards achieving zero stunting by 2030 is recruiting for the programme lead of Flourish[1], a communications officer for the wider campaign and a financial accountant. Read more about Grow Great here and visit the Flourish Facebook page here to learn more about the classes and programme.

Stunting is a condition that arises from prolonged under-nutrition and it affects physical and brain development. It’s defined as shortness in height for a child’s age and it can only be diagnosed by comparing the child’s measurements to standardized growth charts. 1 in 4 of South Africa’s children under the age of five years old are stunted. Stunting robs young children from reaching their full potential. Stunted children on average perform worse at school than their non-stunted counterparts, are more likely to be unemployed as adults, are at higher risk of getting diseases like diabetes and hypertension and are vulnerable to being trapped in inter-generational cycles of poverty. This is unjust as stunting is completely preventable. Using data to mobilise policy makers, stories to inspire the public, communities of practice to support health practitioners and mom & baby classes to support parents, the Grow Great campaign seeks to galvanise South Africa towards a future where no child is unjustly denied the opportunity to reach their full potential.


The Flourish Programme Lead will have:

  • A postgraduate university degree
  • At least 5 years work experience
  • Great project management skills
  • Great people skills
  • Experience taking projects to scale
  • An entrepreneurial mindset rooted in social justice
  • A strong sense of opportunity and enterprise
  • The drive to achieve and demonstrate exceptional performance
  • A willingness to travel extensively across South Africa

The Flourish Programme Lead will be responsible for:

  • Successful implementation of a national social franchise of antenatal & postnatal classes
  • Supporting the design, development and implementation of strategies that successfully generate demand for the national network of antenatal and postnatal classes
  • Ensuring that antenatal & postnatal class curriculum remains aligned to best practice and the latest evidence and that the delivery method excites and affirms mothers and franchisees
  • Oversight of the recruitment, training, support and retention of franchisees throughout the country.
  • Oversight of monitoring & evaluation of antenatal and postnatal classes
  • Supporting the successful implementation of the wider Grow Great Campaign goals



The Communications Officer will have:

  • A relevant degree.
  • 1 to 3 years work experience in a communications role.
  • Experience in editing and proofreading of marketing material and press releases
  • Experience in materials design using relevant software including photo, video and graphic designing.
  • Demonstrable experience with online content management systems and social media platforms
  • Experience producing reports, articles, newsletters, presentations, leaflets, press releases, and online content
  • Experience producing content across all media
  • Excellent writing skills
  • A willingness to travel extensively within South Africa

The Communications Officer will be responsible for:

  • Assisting the Grow Great Communications Specialist in implementing and monitoring all communication duties as set out in the campaign communication strategy.
  • Assisting the Grow Great Communications Specialist to develop and maintain relationships with local media, stakeholders and partners.
  • Implementing public relations initiatives, and also assisting the Communications Specialist with the advertising and public education campaigns.
  • Assisting the Grow Great Campaign team with event management including activations and awards ceremonies.
  • Managing the Grow Great Campaign and related social media accounts.
  • Developing content for various media platforms.
  • Support the branding and visual identity of the Grow Great Campaign and related sister brands.



The financial accountant will have:

  • A University degree
  • At least 3-5 years work experience
  • Excellent accounting skills

The financial accountant will be responsible for the following: 

Area Responsibility
Treasury Manage the bi-weekly payments cycle, including loading payments for release on internet banking and preparing the supporting documentation.
  Manage the petty cash including reconciliation and allocation thereof.
  Perform bank reconciliations.
  Prepare quarterly cash flow forecasts and flag any cash shortfalls in advance.
Fixed assets Ensure all project assets are adequately insured (via DGMT policies).
  Maintain a register of project assets.
Inter-divisional transactions Ensure that all costs borne by DGMT (salaries, rent, overheads) are accurately recorded and refunded on a quarterly basis.
Financial accounting Process the cash books
  Ensure income and expenses are allocated to the correct accounts
  Process and reconcile control and suspense accounts
  A full reconciliation of accounts and cash flows on a monthly basis
Financial reporting Prepare monthly management reports, including an income statement, balance sheet and cash flow
Budget Prepare the annual budget and monitor performance against the budget as part of the financial reporting process.
Funding Maintain a schedule of all funding received to date, project expenditure and funding due.
Internal Control Maintain the internal control framework for the project and monitor compliance by project members.
Grants payable Raise grants payable in accordance with approved grant agreements/schedules
Prepare and process grant payments
Allocate grant payments against the relevant supplier/grantee
Prepare a grants ageing analysis on a monthly basis
Suppliers/contractors Maintain a schedule of supplier and contractor payments due and ensure that all contractors are paid timeously

All roles are based in Midrand, Gauteng. Interested applicants are to send a CV and 1-page cover letter to work@growgreat.co.za

Applications close on Friday 28 September 2018.


Grow Great is funded by the DG Murray Trust, together with a number of other funders.


[1] Flourish is Grow Great’s newly launched national social franchise of antenatal & postnatal classes.