DGMT welcomes a new member to its Board of Trustees

DSC_0032The DG Murray Trust last week welcomed Murphy Morobe to the organisation as a member of its Board of Trustees. Murphy was born in Soweto in 1956. A former member of the South African Student’s Movement and the Soweto Students’ Representative Council, Murphy has a long history of service to the people of South Africa, having served on the executive of the Soweto Youth Congress as well as the United Democratic Front. In the late-70s, he was tried for conspiracy to commit sedition and was subsequently detained on Robben Island.  After his release in 1982, he travelled abroad extensively, canvassing for support from international governments for the South African liberation movement.  His career since 1994 has seen him hold the position of Chairperson and CEO of the Financial and Fiscal Commission of South Africa, member of the Council for Higher Education, Head of Communications in the Office of the President, Chairman of Ernst & Young South Africa and, until recently, CEO of Kagiso Media. He is the current chairman of the South African National Parks Board and the International Fundraising Consortium, as well as Director of the Board of Old Mutual South Africa. For more information on the full DGMT Board, see ‘About us’ on our home page.

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