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DGMT Toolboxes

DGMT Create Change

Through our Create Change resources and publications we aim to equip individuals, communities and organisations with information and tools that will enable them to bring about the next big changes in South Africa.

Issue 1 (August 2015)

How to get South Africa Reading

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Issue 2 (April 2016)

What will bring about the next real change in South Africa?

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Issue 3 (January 2017)

Step up for youth

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Social innovation map locations

Change in Progress

See a map of local activity and network points where people are working towards expanding early childhood development; cultivating a love of reading among children and young leaders who are activated for social innovation.

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DGMT Growing Confidence

The DGMT Growing Confidence website is a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) resource for public benefit organisations.M&E is a methodical process of collating and assessing information to determine the effectiveness of a social programme or intervention. On this website we focus specifically on planning for M&E. Since effective M&E is highly depended on well-developed/defined programmes, this website is also a great resource to guide the strategic development of your programme or intervention.

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DGMT Confluence of Ideas and Practice

The Confluence of Ideas and Practice website is an online platform for public benefit organisations to share and interact with other practitioners and interested parties around what they’ve learned through the implementation of their programmes and in dealing with the social issue(s) being addressed by their organisation. The website also features a digital library where documents and links (to documents/online spaces) can be shared.

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DGMT Commons

DGMT NGO Commons – Beyond developing effective social interventions, civil society organisations are required to comply with certain legal structures and to put strong governance systems in place that enable them to access funding and to grow strong and responsible organisations. The DGMT Commons website aims to bring together existing resources, helpful in supporting the establishment of these structures and systems, into one place.

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