Community of Partners Launches!

After months of hard work, we are proud and excited to announce the launch of the DG Murray Trust’s Community of Partnersonline portal. Conceptualised as a platform to showcase our grantees and their learning, it has been in the process of development and refinement for the last few months. Finally complete, it presents the work of DGMT grantees through an online profile created for each organisation. This profile, although created for each organisation, can also be personalised by the organisation – they can upload photos and news, edit it and add content themselves.

Community of Partners

Each organisation’s profile can be used as a blog or mini website, or to share their learnings via the Learning briefs that DGMT organisations submit as part of their reporting requirements. Learning briefs will be posted under that organisation and all other DGMT grantees implementing similar programmes will be notified that a learning brief has been shared and are invited to comment. See some of the recent learning briefs here. Organisations can also upload interesting and relevant resources for others to access onto the online library.

All the organisational profiles, as well as the Learning briefs and Resources in the library are available to the general public, and you will be able to comment and engage with the DGMT grantees through the portal.

Read more about the Community of Partners’ Website on the website itself ( or register if you would like to receive regular updates (

The Community of Partners is envisioned as a vibrant, thriving space for partner organisations to share what they are learning with each other and the general public. 

We trust that it will be a useful tool both for grantees and the wider public in terms of what our partners are learning in their implementation.

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