Early Childhood Development

Embrace: Telling the stories of motherhood in South Africa

Embrace is a national movement for connected, supported and celebrated motherhood. We want to see every new mother embraced and flourishing from the start of her motherhood journey, understanding that an empowered and embraced mother raises a thriving child. 31 stories in 31 days. That was where we began this conversation. In an effort to […]

Posted on 7 Nov 2018


Growing Greatness and curbing stunting to unleash children’s full potential

Here’s the thing about motherhood. Not only does it lead to intricate involvement in the wellbeing of your own children, but it also extends that to the children around you. This is evident in the work of Dr Kopano Matlwa Mabaso, who heads the Grow Great Campaign, which aims to bring SA closer to achieving […]

Posted on 28 Sep 2018


Why we need big business to make bold moves and get behind this simple super food

Shoprite recently won public kudos by ‘zero-rating’ Ultrex sanitary pads – essentially selling the brand at cost price. This bold move is exactly what we should expect from private companies facing up to this country’s social and economic inequalities. Although South Africans may not experience the extreme poverty of people in low-income countries, the indignity […]

Posted on 21 Sep 2018


A snapshot of our reading culture in South Africa – time to spread the love

“It’s been more than 25 years since I met Mr Dube, my English language teacher, and I still remember him vividly.  For his second lesson, Mr Dube distributed newspapers to every student and instructed us to read them.  After fifteen minutes he requested all those who had come across new words to write them on the […]

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Posted on 7 Sep 2018



Nal’ibali Sparking children’s potential through storytelling and reading Reading gives children the power to think critically and to imagine. It builds empathy for others. It is key to a child’s future because it is the foundation for learning. Children who love reading can help change the path of our country – reading will help us […]

Posted on 4 Sep 2018


Three ingredients for great ECD centres and how to support them

We often talk about the importance of Early Childhood Development (ECD) as a key strategy to change South Africa.  That is because children are the source of human capital.  If we want to change the education system, grow the economy and create jobs, we must invest in young children.  We are also not only talking to […]

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Posted on 24 Aug 2018


A plan to achieve universal coverage of ECD services by 2030

The National Development Plan (NDP) and the National ECD policy of 2015 commit to ensuring that every child in South Africa has access to the full range of ECD services by 2030. President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Government supports these goals. This document was developed in conjunction with Ilifa Labantwana and Kago Ya Bana, and details a […]

Posted on 10 Aug 2018


Love, Germs and Skill: Reframing early childhood care and education

In this talk DGMT CEO, Dr David Harrison, shakes up our thinking about early childhood care and education by asking probing questions such as “what is love?” and “how can we harness the power of love to enable children to thrive?” He draws on biology, genetics, chemistry and history to bring us closer to answering […]

Posted on 6 Aug 2018


Grow Great Infographic

Right-click and select save to download the Grow Great infographic on Breastfeeding in the Workplace.

Posted on 3 Aug 2018


Zero Stunting

Grow Great Driving a national commitment to a stunting-free generation by 2030 About this image: This is Dean Jates and his son Lesedi walking around the Cape Town city centre in 2016. Dean is a doting dad who is passionate about fatherhood and about inspiring other fathers to share this passion. Read Dean’s story here. […]

Posted on 12 Jul 2018