Western Cape High Court suspends Kannaland Municipality’s new liquor bylaw pending review

The Western Cape High Court has issued an interim order, suspending the implementation of extended trading hours under the Kannaland Municipality’s newly enacted Liquor bylaw, the Control of Undertakings that Sell Liquor to the Public bylaw, 2024. The suspension comes as a result of mutual agreement between the DG Murray Trust (DGMT) and the Municipality […]

The Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation Leading for Humanity programme

CapeTalk continues to highlight the 2024 cohort of the Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation’s Leading for Humanity Programme. On 17 April they spoke to Bridget Hannah, DGMT Innovation Director, who leads the portfolio, ‘All young people on pathways to productivity.

Will the food industry sacrifice its fat profits for health?

South Africa’s growing obesity epidemic won’t be reversed by preaching healthier eating habits and exercise alone; there’s a growing realisation that the food industry needs to change. Driving through Mpumalanga recently, it was inspiring to see how South Africa’s largest food seller, Shoprite, helps locals to sell fruit and vegetables grown in community gardens in some […]

What will it take to build a collective response to South Africa’s waste problem?

The last resort in any waste hierarchy is landfill or incineration, yet most of South Africa’s waste ends up in dumps, if not strewn across open spaces or littering our streams and oceans. It’s a problem that requires systemic change and individual-level action. Addressing South Africa’s waste problem needs joint effort from all of us, […]

Enhancing intersectoral collaboration: Lessons from the coordinated donor support to the South African COVID-19 vaccination programme

Despite the increasing importance of intersectoral collaborations to address crisis situations, relatively little is known about how they are organised, managed and governed. Moreover, within the field of public administration, there is still much to learn about how governments can use intersectoral collaboration to effectively address crises. This paper examines the case of the Coordinated […]

Saving our kids from food insecurity with double discounts on key items

Dr David Harrison, DGMT CEO, speaks to Cape Talk’s John Maytham about closing the gap between the food poverty line and the child support grant. They also discuss the simplicity of getting the basics in place so that South Africa’s children can thrive. One such basic solution is ensuring South Africa’s children are suitably nourished […]