Nourishing the nation: A comparative look at food security in party manifestos

An estimated 30 children are dying each day from malnutrition-related causes. This is happening in a country that produces more than enough food for everyone and where the right to sufficient food is enshrined in our Constitution. To improve access to basic nutritious foods, DGMT and Grow Great have proposed a double-discounted list of 10 […]

Zero-rating of mobile data. The time to act is NOW!

Zero-rate the content of public benefit organisations Mobile network operators must fulfil their legal obligations to zero-rate. Don’t let them leave South Africans on read. Zero-rating can help address inequality. South Africa, like many other nations, is grappling with how to bridge the digital divide, where unequal access to mobile internet and smartphones has significant […]

Let’s close the food gap

Let’s close the food gap Find out how YOU can support this campaign at home We call on businesses and government to make nutritious food more affordable The right to sufficient food is enshrined in South Africa’s Constitution, which also guarantees children the right to basic nutrition. Although we live in a country that produces […]

Play your part in preventing alcohol harm in South African society.

The Western Cape government has opened public comment on standardising the price of alcohol and limiting the time it can be legally sold. Minimum Unit Pricing & augmented liquor trading times are policies successfully implemented internationally to halt alcohol abuse. Have your say on this move to save lives while conserving the economy. Read up […]

Zero-rating of PBOs is required of network operators. It’s time to enforce it!

Are you a registered public benefit organisation in South Africa that qualifies for zero-rating? A solution is now at your fingertips. Click the button below to add your organisation’s name to DGMT’s database for the soon-to-be-established* zero-rating registry. Six things that you should know about zero-rating: Mobile network operators are legally obligated to zero-rate the […]

A call to collaborate on resources and materials for scaled-up ECD provision

What is the opportunity and the challenge? The Early Childhood Development (ECD) sector is at an important crossroads. For decades, NGOs in South Africa have been the main providers of ECD services to children under five. These organisations have worked in poor and isolated communities, providing training and support to ECD practitioners and caregivers, and […]

Give your programme an edge with social media – the Nonprofit Network Website can help you!

The Nonprofit Network is an online resource for nonprofit organisations, particularly those based in South Africa, in using social media, websites and e-newsletters.  The site was commissioned by the Open Society Foundation’s Public Health Programme: Health Media Initiative to assist their grantees with their web and social media work.   Developer Ruen Govinder is passionate about helping […]

Time of opportunity and risk for the ECD Sector

The next five years are going to be exciting and challenging times for people committed to early childhood development (ECD).  Never before has the scientific evidence for ECD been so strong, and never before in South Africa has there been such strong political support to increase access to it.  For the two-thirds of children under […]

The amazing potential of young children to change South Africa

We have had various requests to share this presentation which illustrates that our strongest strategy to change the future of South Africa is by investing in and nurturing young children.  Note that it is a  Powerpoint presentation of approximately 30 minutes that has been converted into a video in order to include narration.  If you […]