Learning brief: How to grow and sustain an active alumni network

Alumni networks are traditionally associated with universities and private schools but have grown into effective tools for social impact far beyond academia. The relationships built among alumni can contribute to their success by providing a mix of access to networks, resources, ideas and social capital. Even though growing and sustaining an active alumni network requires […]

Networks as amplifiers of social impact

Dynamic networks are amplifier strategies that enable social innovators to achieve two vital objectives: scale and impact. DGMT supports a number of initiatives that use strategies to mobilise large, ever-growing networks of people. A social network is a connected group of people who interact in different ways to inform, influence and mutually benefit each other. […]

Introducing: Improvise – A publication for the Fellowship for Organisational Innovation

Passionate, imaginative, critical thinkers are one of civil society’s greatest assets. But too often the young talent in civil society organisations are not grown to fill the middle management gaps or to take on increasingly bigger leadership responsibilities. In recognition of this, DGMT launched a Fellowship for Organisational Innovation in 2018. This Fellowship has 3 […]

Unlock, inspire, include: How unlikely networks push us forward

DGMT’s strategy and 10 opportunities to change South Africa are clearly set out. Still, some of these opportunities are easier to grasp than others: for example, most people would immediately understand what it means to give every child the benefit of early childhood development. The steps to achieving that are also clear, even if there are […]

A compelling business proposition: Create value at no extra cost

Just over a decade ago, a senior official at national Treasury told me that Government was “awash with money”. Not anymore. Cost-cutting is the order of the day. Things are only going to get tighter after the medium-term budget policy statement on 25th October. We will all feel sick to the pit of our stomachs […]

Give your programme an edge with social media – the Nonprofit Network Website can help you!

The Nonprofit Network is an online resource for nonprofit organisations, particularly those based in South Africa, in using social media, websites and e-newsletters.  The site was commissioned by the Open Society Foundation’s Public Health Programme: Health Media Initiative to assist their grantees with their web and social media work.   Developer Ruen Govinder is passionate about helping […]

Why it is good to share

“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while.” Steve Jobs I love this quote from Steve Jobs. It is very honest and I absolutely know it […]

Early Childhood Development Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop report back

By Rebecca Metz For some time, it has been clear that many non-profit organisations that work within the ECD sector need support with developing their Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) systems, and DGMT has received a number of requests for help with this. M&E within the ECD sector is complex as there are numerous elements that […]

Under construction: Our new Monitoring and Evaluation Website

We are in the process of developing a Monitoring and Evaluation Resource website for organisations.  Have a look at this presentation where we explain why we are developing the website as well as how it will work.  This presentation is powered through Prezi, please wait a few moments for the presentation and embedded images to load.