Learning Brief – Blended learning: When partnerships spark innovation

This learning brief explores how partnerships between government, civil society and communities led to innovations aimed at tackling a number of challenges impacting quintile 1–3 schools in South Africa, serving some of the country’s poorest children. To read this learning brief, download a PDF here or read it magazine-style on ISSUU here.       […]

Let’s close the food gap

Let’s close the food gap Find out how YOU can support this campaign at home We call on businesses and government to make nutritious food cheaper for poorer families One in five South African households don’t have enough food on the table, and times are getting tougher for poorer families. The consequence is a generation […]

A (Women’s) Day of Reflection

Could you tell? Our media, usually flooded with Women’s Month sales, and calls to wear our doeks, or for men to wear heels, was notably more subdued. As South Africans, we have always been ambivalent about how we mark historically important days. Many of these days are in memory of some of the darkest parts […]

Pregnant women and moms now have one-stop site for expert COVID-19 info

A collaboration between South African NGOs is one of the first in the world to create a COVID-19 information platform for pregnant women and mothers as they grapple with so many unknowns during the pandemic. Focusing on physical and mental health, they provide expert input on what many mothers are thinking about, such as the […]

Reading for Meaning – Audio books

Audiobooks Once you’ve listened to a story, click here to download educational games associated with it. How the Zebra got His Stripes Lost in the Supermarket The Elephant And The Ants The Singing Sack The Four Friends A Very Hairy Policeman The Boy, the Bullies and the Bicycle I don’t like cricket I love it!

Reading for Meaning: Videos

Videos The Value of Constructive Feedback Tips For Parents To Make Reading Fun At Home [isi-Xhosa] Tips For Parents To Make Reading Fun At Home Learn how to assess your child’s reading skills

Hands-on Learning Issue 13

“We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom” reads a quote by E.O. Wilson, who wrote the book, ‘Consilience: The unity of knowledge’. Through the newly revived and rebranded edition of our Hands-on Learning publication, we hope to play a helpful role in synthesising information from innovators and implementers in civil society, supporting them […]