Political party positions and unlocking Early Childhood Development (ECD) for every child

Investing in young children is the most effective action countries can take to break cycles of inter-generational poverty and inequality. This means ensuring children have access to quality early learning programmes across the board. But this is lacking in our country where an estimated 1.5 million children don’t have access to the type of cognitive […]

Putting children first

The Learning Lunch podcast explores ideas, approaches and social innovations – creating opportunity for non-profit organisations’ teams to discover what others are learning and space to reflect on what these insights might mean for their own strategy and programme implementation. Download takeaway instructions Imagine a world where every child is loved, nourished, and protected—where they […]

Nourishing the nation: A comparative look at food security in party manifestos

An estimated 30 children are dying each day from malnutrition-related causes. This is happening in a country that produces more than enough food for everyone and where the right to sufficient food is enshrined in our Constitution. To improve access to basic nutritious foods, DGMT and Grow Great have proposed a double-discounted list of 10 […]

eNCA Interview – DGMT’s Change Ideas Initiative

eNCA Interview – DGMT’s Change Ideas Initiative

Change Ideas: Public policies to change our world DGMT’s new initiative, Change Ideas, through policy briefs, advocacy and engagements with decision-makers and the public, aims to address issues facing South Africa, delve into their root causes, leverage proven research (both locally and internationally) and propose practical solutions that are readily scalable. Change Ideas brings together […]

Children and Nutrition

In this policy brief, we examine the status and circumstances of our country’s children who feel the impact of hunger and malnutrition throughout their lives, starting in the womb. Download the brief here.

Tintswalo: A cynical allegory of delivery

When South African presidents speak, their audiences listen with weary hearts, exhausted by disappointment and deferred promises. So, when President Cyril Ramaphosa delivered his State-of-the-Nation Address (SONA) this month, he would have been acutely aware of how weary South Africans have become. A February poll suggested that his party, the ANC, would likely get a […]

Eating to survive: How to know if your party is taking hunger seriously

In Latin America, access to food is a hot issue in politics. Living in one of the most fertile and biodiverse regions on earth, millions of people still go hungry — and hungry people are voters too. So if you want to be the next president of a Latin American country, then food security must […]