Opportunity 9: Resources and Toolboxes

Create Change: Step Up for Young People

South Africa has a resource with the potential to transform our economic and social reality. Unfortunately, we are missing this opportunity: It should go without saying that investment in children and young people is the source of future human capital. They should be at the forefront of strategies for economic growth and development in SA. […]

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Posted on 3 Feb 2017


The South African Child Gauge 2015: Youth – an opportunity to interrupt the intergenerational transmission of poverty

The 10th issue of the South African Child Gauge, focusing on the theme of youth and the intergenerational transmission of poverty, was released last week on the 10th of November [2015] by the University of Cape Town’s Children’s Institute.  It examines the situation of young people aged 15 – 24 and highlights the need for a range of interventions that continue to […]

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Posted on 16 Nov 2015


Youth driving social change: examples of how information and technology can be their tools

Increasingly, the value of using technology to facilitate access to information and for building the capacity of people to critically review information available to them, is being demonstrated.  Indeed, work being done in South Africa provides useful insight into the kind of information that it is believed citizens might find useful. The Parliamentary Monitoring Group […]

Posted on 5 Sep 2014


Incentivising youth employment: What is the Employment Tax Incentive?

During the delivery of the 2014/15 National Budget to Parliament Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan said that the youth employment tax incentive recorded 56 000 beneficiaries in its first month.  What is he talking about? The Employment Tax Incentive is an incentive aimed at encouraging employers to hire young and less experienced work seekers. It came into […]

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Posted on 26 Feb 2014