Opportunity 6: Reflection and Analysis

We do have solutions for SA’s reading crisis

The national senior certificate results are an important annual benchmark of the state of education. In 2017, they showed some improvement, with a pass rate of 75%. But they have two major limitations. First, they reflect only the achievement of that half of school-leavers who actually wrote the grade 12 exams. The other half had […]

Posted on 16 Mar 2018


Creating a Story-Powered Nation

“Reading opens up new worlds. It gives us power – to learn new things, tell our own stories, and shape our futures”.  [Extract from a Story-Powered Nation] At DGMT we often talk about the importance of reading, of ensuring that children are ready to read when they go to school. We believe it is a key […]

Posted on 7 Sep 2017


How to make sense of mother-tongue instruction debates

Many parents find the debates about mother-tongue instruction very confusing.  All they want to know is “what is best for my child”? Is it better to introduce English sooner or later?  Will my child get mixed up if she learns more than one language at the same time?  Is it best to send her to […]

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Posted on 2 May 2017


Your Mandela Day to-do list: Grow empathy, connect to others, take action – but choose wisely

The message behind Mandela Day is that we all have the ability and responsibility to change the world for the better.  In theory many people agree with this sentiment, judging from the 2.8K likes that a Nelson Mandela quote like “our society needs to re-establish a culture of caring” can garner on the Nelson Mandela […]

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Posted on 18 Jul 2016


“Your child is also my child” – becoming part of an “army of adults” reading to children

First published by the Sowetan on 2 June 2016. We often hear about South Africa’s dismal education outcomes and low literacy rates. We have also been hearing that early literacy, reading for joy, and growing up around books can change the life trajectories of individuals and dramatically improve our society.   Yet we hear much less […]

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Posted on 8 Jun 2016


The “ordinary magic” that can change a child’s future

This article was first published in the Star on 9 May 2016 Since 27 April 2015, ‘Mandela’s children’ have been turning twenty-one. They are the first of the ‘born-free generation’ to become adults. Are they better off than young adults were in the early nineties? It’s a difficult question to ask at the best of […]

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Posted on 11 May 2016


Why big business must get behind reading

This article was first published by Business Day Live on 25 November 2015. There is a business product with a proven rate of return in excess of one thousand percent in emerging markets. In South Africa, demand for it outstrips supply by at least two to one. Estimates are that the national GDP would be at […]

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Posted on 3 Dec 2015


Why listening to stories is part of learning to read

By Carole Bloch In his insightful book, The Rights of the Reader, Daniel Pennac comments: “When someone reads aloud, they raise you to the level of the book. They give you reading as a gift.” People who love reading know the precise value of that gift, and how to access it. But there are those […]

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Posted on 22 Sep 2015


Radio interviews: David Harrison talks about the potential of ECD and reading for joy

On World Literacy Day last week (8 September 2015), DGMT CEO, David Harrison was interviewed by Tim Modise from Power FM, John Maytham on Cape Talk and SA FM’s The Talk Show. He talked about DGMT, our work and that of our implementing partners, but most importantly he explained why early childhood development and helping children to […]

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Posted on 14 Sep 2015


Stories: the heart of a happy childhood

At DGMT, we want all South African children to be able to read, and to love reading. As we work with committed and passionate partners towards this goal, I am often reminded of key moments in my own literacy journey. I don’t remember learning to read, but I remember learning to read silently. I sat […]

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Posted on 2 Sep 2015