Opportunity 2: Reflection and Analysis

A (Women’s) Day of Reflection

Could you tell? Our media, usually flooded with Women’s Month sales, and calls to wear our doeks, or for men to wear heels, was notably more subdued. As South Africans, we have always been ambivalent about how we mark historically important days. Many of these days are in memory of some of the darkest parts […]

Posted on 13 Aug 2020


The physics of change

An article from DGMT’s Annual Report, 2018 You may have seen the 2017 movie, Loving Vincent. Each of the 65 000 frames in the 100-minute long film is an individual oil painting on canvas. It mimics Van Gogh’s stippled style of art, exemplified by his famous painting, The Starry Night. He uses thousands of tiny […]

Posted on 10 Apr 2019


Celebrating women’s month with the unsung heroines in the field of development: Julita Dorman

Women’s Month stories often focus on renowned women. This series aims to celebrate some of the women we have worked with in development who you may not yet know about, but who have made an impact where they are, with whatever resources they have had. Each woman has a valuable journey consisting of trials, learnings […]

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Posted on 8 Aug 2017


The same but different … mediating meaningful employment for persons with disabilities

This learning brief considers how the uptake of persons with disabilities as sought-after employees might be facilitated. Recommendations are also provided for the role that industry could play in facilitating best-fit employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. Read the article here

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Posted on 19 Feb 2015


Preparing for an Ageing Population – Policy Implications for South Africa

South Africa’s fertility rate is declining and it is projected that this trend will continue. When persistent low fertility leads to a decline in the size of successive birth cohorts, it means that the population will start ageing. In this learning brief, HelpAge International considers what this means for the demands that will inevitably be placed on […]

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Posted on 11 Sep 2014