Opportunity 7: Reflection and Analysis

‘I love the feeling of keeping them safe’ – Men as early childhood development practitioners

“I’m the one that’s struggling here, not her.” This was a father’s response to my umpteenth reassurance that his daughter was okay in her new playgroup. At that moment she was happily arranging mud cakes on a log under the plum tree. I realised later he was observing me to be sure that his daughter […]

Posted on 16 Oct 2019


Building communities free of violence

Violence against children has long-term effects that impact not just the development of our children, but the development of our nation. A costing study commissioned by Save the Children South Africa estimated that early exposure to violence during childhood resulted in the loss of R238-billion in human capital – the equivalent to 6% of the […]

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Posted on 10 Jul 2019


Connecting South Africans around motherhood:  Three strategic insights that have shaped the mission of Embrace

Embrace is a national movement to help create connected, supported and celebrated motherhood journeys for all women in South Africa. In this learning brief, we explore key lessons that helped Embrace evolve from a programmatic, city-wide initiative into a national movement for motherhood. Download the Embrace learning brief here or page through it in ISSUU […]

Posted on 16 Jan 2019


What it’s really like to be at school in South Africa

As a country, we have committed to greater access to education for all children. The importance of early childhood education (the first five years of a child’s life) to improve children’s capacity to learn and thrive is now firmly on the national agenda. Even the significance of prenatal care is making inroads in our attempt […]

Posted on 26 Nov 2018


Embrace: Telling the stories of motherhood in South Africa

Embrace is a national movement for connected, supported and celebrated motherhood. We want to see every new mother embraced and flourishing from the start of her motherhood journey, understanding that an empowered and embraced mother raises a thriving child. 31 stories in 31 days. That was where we began this conversation. In an effort to […]

Posted on 7 Nov 2018


Firestarter: How innovation can light up South Africa

South Africa has a vibrant civil society history. However, post-1994 and the country’s first democratic elections, many civil society organisations lost their spark. DGMT believes that if we reignite civil society, we can drive public innovation and light up South Africa. In a deep-dive discussion, David Harrison, DGMT CEO, examines the challenges and rewards of […]

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Posted on 13 Apr 2018


The ordinary magic guaranteed to change our country

Building simple, loving connections for every child is Opportunity 7 in DGMT’s strategic blueprint. During a recent deep-dive conversation with our CEO, David Harrison, he explained how fostering such connections are essential to bringing about long-term change in South Africa. Let’s start by looking at the key concepts that form the premise of this opportunity: […]

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Posted on 2 Mar 2018


The “ordinary magic” that can change a child’s future

This article was first published in the Star on 9 May 2016 Since 27 April 2015, ‘Mandela’s children’ have been turning twenty-one. They are the first of the ‘born-free generation’ to become adults. Are they better off than young adults were in the early nineties? It’s a difficult question to ask at the best of […]

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Posted on 11 May 2016


Helping our children reach their full potential by growing the building blocks of food, love, security and stimulation

How can we fix our education system?  That question preoccupies our national mind – and not without cause. We fail to prepare enough people for basic jobs, let alone to sustain a sophisticated knowledge economy.  If that is the question, the inevitable answer is that we need good teachers, quality textbooks and enough time in […]

Posted on 1 Jul 2013


Early love creating a lifelong inheritance: The story of Gogo Pumla Jayiya

I first came to know Gogo[1] Pumla Jayiya when both of us were involved with the HIV prevention campaign for youth, loveLife where we worked in different capacities on their goGogetter Programme, designed to encourage support for orphaned and vulnerable youth by local grandmothers.  To be honest, it is hard not to take note of […]

Posted on 19 Jun 2012