Opportunity 1: Reflection and Analysis

Public appeal to Government: Urgent measures to curb the abuse of alcohol linked to gender-based violence

The Covid-19 epidemic has shone a light again on the value of each human life, and the message from our leaders is that lives must be saved through urgent and radical action. In his speech to the nation on Wednesday 17 June 2020, President Ramaphosa stated that, especially in the light of the unbridled violence […]

Posted on 24 Jun 2020


Five urgent and effective measures to curb the abuse of alcohol

In his speech to the nation on Wednesday 17 June 2020, President Ramaphosa stated that, “we will also need to look at further, more drastic measures to curb the abuse of alcohol”.  We now call on the government to draw on the best international evidence, follow the advice of the World Health Organisation and implement […]

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Posted on 19 Jun 2020


Mythbusting the alcohol ‘mythbuster’

Last Friday, the Business Report (BR) gave space to the South African Breweries (SAB) to stake its claims regarding the banning of alcohol during lockdown (5 myths about the alcohol ban in South Africa, 24 May).  That is BR’s prerogative and SAB’s right.  The language was however remarkably intemperate for an opinion piece (five times […]

Posted on 28 May 2020


In the midst of the Covid Crisis, we cannot leave half our children behind

Why zero-rating of mobile services of PBOs is so crucial The poorest children have the least access to digital learning – and yet we are currently zero-rating mobile content that only wealthy children can use! Schooling is going to stop for three months and we’ve got to: Stop pretending that most children will have access […]

Posted on 7 Apr 2020


Zero-rate mobile services for health, education and development. NOW!

If ever there were a time to capitalise on the fact that there is a cellphone in every home, it’s now. Schools, preschools, reading circles, health clubs, antenatal classes, job skills and a wide variety of community support programmes have been cancelled. The pipeline of learning and teaching to millions of children has been abruptly […]

Posted on 24 Mar 2020


Call to zero-rate mobile data to allow early learning and education to continue

DOWNLOAD THE ‘CALL TO ZERO-RATE DATA’ PRESS RELEASE HERE. The DG Murray Trust calls on mobile network operators to urgently zero-rate the services of all public benefit organisations (PBOs) that provide digital content for early learning and education. In this way, preschool and schooling will be able to continue to some extent, reaching children on […]

Posted on 18 Mar 2020


Hands-on Learning Issue 16

Through our Hands-on Learning publication, we hope to play a helpful role in synthesising information from innovators and implementers in civil society, supporting them to share what they have learned so that others are able to draw from and build on their experiences. In this issue: Online communication is a powerful tool that can speak […]

Posted on 20 Feb 2020


Alcohol Harms Reduction: Facts about South Africa’s youth and alcohol abuse

The below infographic appeared in our Learning Brief on Alcohol Harms Reduction. One of the biggest retardants of progress in South Africa is the widespread abuse of alcohol. The problem is so big that the taxes paid by the liquor industry are far lower than the impact on families and the cost of health and […]

Posted on 28 Nov 2019


Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPP)

South Africa’s renewable energy sector took off in 2011 when the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement (REIPPP) programme invited Independent Power Producers (IPPs) to submit competitive bids to build and operate large-scale renewable energy power plants. In addition to its core business, REIPPP aims to drive positive social change and requires approved energy projects […]

Posted on 27 Nov 2019


Alcohol Harms Reduction

Billions of Rands are invested in social development in South Africa. Tens of thousands of people in government and civil society pour their lives into trying to improve society. But it seems like a Sisyphean task – pushing boulders up a hill only to see them roll back down again and again. One of the […]

Posted on 20 Nov 2019