From Head and Heart: Inclusive, Enabling Communities

Including people with disabilities in social initiatives: 4 steps to get you started

“We have a moral duty to remove barriers to participation and to invest sufficient funding and expertise to unlock the vast potential of people with disabilities” – Professor Stephen Hawking As an Occupational Therapist working in the funding environment, I find it surprising that so many development programmes don’t think about including people with disabilities […]

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Posted on 4 Mar 2016


CONFERENCES and conferences – and knowing the difference

I am a 47 year old professional that has been working in the development sector all my life. I never ‘did’ conferences. There were various reasons, but it mainly related to my doubts regarding the value of research that is constantly produced, but never translated into a language that lay people can understand easily.  That was my little bugbear! In 2013 I was offered an opportunity to […]

Posted on 29 Jul 2014


Big Sky and Cerebral Palsy in Nqutu

By Malamulele Onward and Tracy Smythe Malamulele Onward is a non-governmental organisation which provides specialised therapy  (physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy) services, equipment and caregiver training  to poorly -resourced rural areas of South Africa and other African countries where children severely disabled by cerebral palsy have little or no access to rehabilitation therapy and equipment. […]

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Posted on 6 Nov 2013