Call for Proposal: Developing m-Learning Modules

JobStarter is a Not-for-Profit Company aimed at improving young people’s ability to take their first steps towards decent work. One-third of young people in South Africa are not in employment, education or training (NEET). To help address this, we believe the following structural barriers can be addressed in the medium term through the JobStarter digital platform.

These include:

  • Persistent information asymmetries that prevent young people from navigating their way towards opportunity;
  • An inability of young people to flag work-readiness competencies without formal qualifications or experience; and
  • The high cost of work seeking.

Targeted at young, engaged NEETS; JobStarter was designed as a low-cost, mobile platform with three core offerings:

  • easily accessible and well-curated information for young people to take their next steps towards the labour market;
  • work-readiness focussed m-learning; and
  • a platform where opportunity providers can find young, local opportunity seekers.

Consulting Requirement

Thus far, JobStarter has developed 3 modules of learning including; Communication in the Workplace, Numeracy in the Workplace and Workplace Orientation. We are looking for an m-Learning Consultant to deliver the following:

  1. Outline the optimal m-learning user journey for opportunity seekers
  2. Review and evaluate existing modules, and recommend improvements to increase:
    • take-up,
    • throughput and
    • learning outcomes for our target audience
  3. Develop 3 new modules of learning:
    • Module 1: How to survive the first 6 months in a new job
    • Module 2: Entrepreneurial Thinking
    • Module 3: must be recommended by the consultant, and approved by the JobStarter team.

Modules of learning must be in line with the mission and purpose of JobStarter. They must also complement existing modules to contribute to the platform as a whole. As quality learning experiences, they must be evidence-based and reflect up-to-date methodologies and concepts. Finally, learning must be designed to comply with the technical requirements of the platform.

Consultant Requirements

  • As a minimum requirement, consultants must demonstrate
    • A relevant graduate qualification – such as in the field of curriculum development, skills development, and/or community development.
    • Relevant work experience – preferably in developing instructional learning for adults.
    • Experience in developing and evaluating m-learning and/or e-learning content; and
    • The ability to understand and leverage an online platform for content delivery.

Interested parties should submit a proposal to by the 18th of May, with the subject heading m-Learning Consultant.

The proposal must include:

  1. An overview of the proposed methodology
  2. An outline of the team/individual consultant with a full CV of each party who will be working on the project
  3. A full budget and timeline for all deliverables
  4. A summary of all previous relevant work
  5. An overview of the consulting company (if applicable)
  6. 3 references