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Including people with disabilities in social initiatives: 4 steps to get you started

“We have a moral duty to remove barriers to participation and to invest sufficient funding and expertise to unlock the vast potential of people with disabilities” – Professor Stephen Hawking As an Occupational Therapist working in the funding environment, I find it surprising that so many development programmes don’t think about including people with disabilities […]

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Posted on 4 Mar 2016 under From Head & Heart, From Head and Heart: Inclusive, Enabling Communities.


Hands up if you love 3D printing innovations!

“My goal is to be able to drive a car one day” says Archie, a South African father with a left hand amputation. Archie and I met at a training workshop where he volunteered as a client for trainees, like myself, who are learning how to make and fit a 3D printed “Robohand“. Robohand’s “3D printing for […]

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Posted on 3 Aug 2015 under Civil Society and Public Innovation, DGMT Points of Interest, Inclusive, Enabling Communities, Opportunity 2: Implementation Experience.


‘If we believe we can do it, we can!’ – Imbasa Community Services reflects on an ABCD workshop

Imbasa Community Services (Imbasa) is a small grass roots organisation based in rural Eastern Cape, a 50 minute drive from the town of Idutywa. The community there has sought to address its most desperate problems by establishing a development organisation, spearheaded by two ambitious young men. There is a very pronounced community spirit or “Ubuntu” […]

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Posted on 18 Jul 2014 under From Head & Heart, From Head and Heart: Enterprising School Leavers.


“Why aren’t you working?” – A question that should be more loaded than you think

I started off being slightly amused when, during an exercise conducted at the 2014 CSI Conference, Tracey Chambers, Co-Founder of The Clothing bank, displayed a picture of a woman with no teeth and asked the audience “why doesn’t she have teeth?”  The typical responses were: “she didn’t brush her teeth”; “she didn’t have a toothbrush”; “there were no dental […]

Posted on 3 Jul 2014 under From Head & Heart, From Head and Heart: Enterprising School Leavers.