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Youth driving social change: examples of how information and technology can be their tools

Increasingly, the value of using technology to facilitate access to information and for building the capacity of people to critically review information available to them, is being demonstrated.  Indeed, work being done in South Africa provides useful insight into the kind of information that it is believed citizens might find useful. The Parliamentary Monitoring Group […]

Posted on 5 Sep 2014 under Civil Society and Public Innovation, DGMT Points of Interest, Game-Changing Leaders, Opportunity 2: Resources and Toolboxes, Opportunity 9: Resources and Toolboxes, Young People.


DGMT Social Capital Development in 2011

The key aims of the DGMT Social Capital Development strategy is to build the capacity in planning, management, monitoring and networking of local service organisations and societies that support the marginalised populations targeted in the Inclusion Portfolio mobilise locally co-ordinated action by key community partners through support to specific programmes and interest groups develop collaborative […]

Posted on 23 Nov 2011 under DGMT Points of Interest, Inclusive, Enabling Communities.