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Connecting with learners to keep them in school

For many learners, school can feel like a losing battle. We see this in the country’s low matric throughput rates – with only 40% of learners who start school going on to pass matric 12 years later[1]. Merle Mansfield of the Zero School Dropout Initiative asks what can be done now to give our learners […]

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Posted on 29 Mar 2019 under Alerts, DGMT, Opportunity 10: Reflection and Analysis, Strategy 2017.


Time to revisit alcohol taxation in South Africa

It’s no cause for pride that South Africa nearly tops the charts as a nation of drinkers. This ranking is according to the 2018 Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health published by the World Health Organization (WHO).[1] While only a third (31%) of adults report consuming alcohol in the past year, those who do […]

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Posted on 5 Mar 2019 under Alerts, Opportunity 1: Reflection and Analysis, Strategy 2017.


Connecting South Africans around motherhood: Three strategic insights that have shaped the mission of Embrace

The transition into parenthood is a vulnerable time for women. A mother’s mental health can negatively affect the development of her baby and this can be especially problematic during the ‘First 1 000 Days’ of her child’s life, which plays a vital role in allowing him or her to grow up to be happy, healthy and […]

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Posted on 20 Feb 2019 under Alerts, Opportunity 7: Resources and Toolboxes, Strategy 2017.


Hands-on Learning Issue 13 – How not to trip up on the digital highway: Lessons from social innovators developing e-platforms

  Almost every household in South Africa has access to a mobile phone[1]. This has transformed the face of social development, with many non-governmental organisations (NGOs) embracing mobile technology to connect with their target audiences. In this learning brief, we explore the diverse opportunities – but also challenges – that come with using mobile platforms […]

Posted on 16 Jan 2019 under Alerts, Opportunity 1: Resources and Toolboxes, Strategy 2017.


Introducing: The Human Factor

We are pleased to introduce our new biannual publication called the Human Factor. We believe there are only two ways to improve the world – through technology and through behaviour change. The Human Factor focuses on the latter. What drives people and what dispirits them? What ignites new passion, new ideas, new commitment in people, […]

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Posted on 6 Nov 2018 under Alerts, Opportunity 10: Reflection and Analysis, Strategy 2017.


Hands-on Learning Issue 13

“We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom” reads a quote by E.O. Wilson, who wrote the book, ‘Consilience: The unity of knowledge’. Through the newly revived and rebranded edition of our Hands-on Learning publication, we hope to play a helpful role in synthesising information from innovators and implementers in civil society, supporting them […]

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Posted on 6 Nov 2018 under Alerts, Opportunity 1: Resources and Toolboxes, Strategy 2017.


Zero Dropout Schools Initiative

Zero Dropout Schools Initiative Finding ways to help more learners make it through school   Despite South Africa’s large investment in basic education, about 40% of Grade 1 learners will exit the South African schooling system before reaching Grade 12. Most of them will remain stuck in poverty and unemployment for life. Most of them […]

Posted on 17 Oct 2018 under Opportunity 10: Programme Profile, Strategy 2017.


DGMT and Primedia launch a massive billboard campaign to support early childhood development

DGMT and Primedia have recently launched one of the country’s largest-ever national outdoor media campaigns, demonstrating the power of early childhood development to change the future of South Africa. The billboard campaign will showcase three large-scale initiatives to prevent nutritional stunting and promote early learning and reading –namely Grow Great, SmartStart and Nal’ibali. It comes […]

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Posted on 11 Oct 2018 under Alerts, DGMT, Strategy 2017.


Growing Greatness and curbing stunting to unleash children’s full potential

Here’s the thing about motherhood. Not only does it lead to intricate involvement in the wellbeing of your own children, but it also extends that to the children around you. This is evident in the work of Dr Kopano Matlwa Mabaso, who heads the Grow Great Campaign, which aims to bring SA closer to achieving […]

Posted on 28 Sep 2018 under Alerts, DGMT, Opportunity 5: Reflection and Analysis, Strategy 2017.


Zero-rating Mobile Services

Prepaid data is unaffordable to most South Africans. Yet, if they had access to the information and services offered on mobile platforms, it would improve their quality of life and grow our economy. Unlike fixing the education system, we can easily make this happen – if we wanted to.

Posted on 21 Sep 2018 under Opportunity 2: Programme Profile, Strategy 2017.