Alcohol Harms Reduction: Facts about South Africa’s youth and alcohol abuse

The below infographic appeared in our Learning Brief on Alcohol Harms Reduction. One of the biggest retardants of progress in South Africa is the widespread abuse of alcohol. The problem is so big that the taxes paid by the liquor industry are far lower than the impact on families and the cost of health and social services.

It is a reality we are reluctant to confront, either because we think there’s little that can be done about it, or because we don’t know how to reconcile the fact that at least half of us are social drinkers and occasionally cross the line ourselves. It is time we all fully understood the impact of alcohol abuse and take radical steps to reduce it.

Find links to the full learning brief under the infographic.

Download the Alcohol Harms Reduction learning brief here or page through it in ISSUU below – choose full-screen mode [   ] for a better reading experience.  You can download the full Hands-on Learning publication (Issue 15) here.

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