“The truth is that the lawlessness and anarchy didn’t start over this past weekend, it started when officials and elites were allowed to ride roughshod over the poor and disenfranchised without sanction. The rule of law means nothing if only selectively applied and used only to subdue the masses of our people.”

Opinion article by Zukiswa Pikoli, Maverick Citizen

“The Commission (South African Human Rights Commission) upholds the rights of everyone to differ and to protest and demonstrate. However, the Constitution directs that such should be done peacefully, which means that differences should be discussed and debated rather than settled through violence. It should be recalled that the judicial process in this matter continues.”

Media Statement by the South African Human Rights Commission

“People have been hungry for a long time, and when the opportunity came they appropriated food. This act turned a private crisis, often endured in families or small networks, into a general and public one…But at the same time, as the riots took new forms, they did massive damage to people and the material and social infrastructure of our cities.”

Op-ed, New Frame

“This is an internal war against ourselves, and SA cannot survive it. Ours was already a country on its knees. Such unchecked destruction will finish off any chance of recovery or economic survival.”

Public Statement by Mangosuthu Buthelezi, IFP MP

“Violence must have no place in a democratic country as it undermines the moral fabric of our social democracy and the rule of law; but people’s patience is not lifelong.”

Opinion article by Aluwani Chokoe, Mail and Guardian