opportunities will
open up possibility
for everyone


10 opportunities to change South Africa…

The South Africa we dream of is a flying nation, with flourishing people, a strong economy and a healthy, positive society. At its heart are people with empathy, and the mindset and technical know-how to fly high. The birth of democracy gave South Africa a huge boost towards being such a nation, but in the past few years progress has slowed. We see untapped opportunity that can give us our next big push to lift-off!


Nurture an innovative
and inclusive society

Opportunity 1
Drive public innovation by reigniting civil society
Release the systemic chokes on innovation that are perpetuated by exclusion
Opportunity 2
Opportunity 3
Create unlikely networks to stimulate positive change

Keep all children on
track by Grade 4

Opportunity 4
Give every child the benefit of early childhood development
Stop nutritional stunting among children under two years
Opportunity 5
Opportunity 6
Make sure every child is ready to read by the time they go to school
Build simple, loving connections for every child
Opportunity 7

Enable all young people to
get their first decent job

Opportunity 8
Place failing schools ‘under new management’ so that children can succeed
Create new connections to opportunity for young people
Opportunity 9
Opportunity 10
Support young people to keep their grip on opportunity